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The Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC) is Canada's foremost professional organization for chemical scientists, engineers and technologists.

Chemists, chemical engineers and chemical technologists are society’s problem solvers. From advances in healthcare and pharmaceuticals, to energy, food and water, they find solutions for our future.

Through its three Constituent Societies — the Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC), the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering (CSChE) and the Canadian Society for Chemical Technology (CSCT) — the Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC) is committed to advancing the chemical sciences and engineering.

CIC serves the members of its Constituent Societies and achieves its mission by:

  • organizing Canada’s two premier annual conferences for the chemical sciences and engineering
  • publishing ACCN, the Canadian Chemical News, and The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering
  • conferring awards
  • overseeing a network of Local Sections, Student Chapters and Subject Divisions
  • lobbying the government on issues of research funding and regulations
  • accrediting university programs and certifying chemical technologists, and
  • reaching out to the public to advance their understanding and appreciation of the chemical sciences and engineering.

In addition to the benefits of networking and being part of advancing the objectives of the CIC, members receive discounted rates for our conferences and a complimentary subscription to our magazine. (more...)


There are several classes of Membership of the CIC.

Member (MCIC)

Any member of the Constituent Societies of the CIC, upon meeting the minimum requirements and paying the appropriate fees, is given the designation of MCIC.

Associate Member (ACIC)

Anyone associated with the practice of, or with an interest in chemistry, who does not qualify as a full member, but who wishes to support the objectives of the Constituent Societies of the CIC, may apply as an associate member, and use the ACIC designation.

Fellow (FCIC)

CIC Fellowship is a senior class of membership that recognizes the merits of members of the Constituent Societies of the CIC who have made outstanding contributions to the chemical sciences and engineering. Fellows of the Constituent Societies of the CIC are given the designation FCIC. (more...)

Who Should Join?

Anyone associated with the practice of, or with an interest in chemistry, can benefit from membership, including:

  • Graduate and Undergraduate Students
  • Chemistry Teachers in High Schools
  • College and University Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Faculty
  • Chemists in industry and public service
  • Chemical technicians and chemical instrumentation specialists
  • Engineers, Physicists and Forensic Scientists who use chemistry
  • Retired chemical scientists and chemical engineers

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Local Sections

The Local Sections of the CIC bring together individuals who live, work or study in the same region and who share an interest in the chemical sciences and engineering, in order to encourage productive sharing of ideas. Local Sections provide opportunities for members to get involved locally by attending lectures, touring industrial plant facilities, providing mentorship and taking part in social and networking events.

Members are automatically assigned to a Local Section of chemical scientists and engineers in their geographic area. (In some regions where there is a high concentration of chemical engineers, there is a CSChE Local Section as well as a CIC Local Section.) Simply fill out your application for membership in one of the Constituent Societies of the CIC and you will be assigned a Local Section based on your home address. You will be informed of the events, activities and news of your Local Section via e-mail.

Our Local Section

The Vancouver section consists of BC and the Yukon, excluding the areas served by Vancouver Island and Southeastern BC Local Sections (Details). Please contact us if you are interested in serving on the Local Vancouver Section Executive. The date and time of our next meeting is to be announced. Members of the Executive will be contacted by e-mail.

Other Local Sections

Contact information for Local Sections across Canada may be found here. Edmonton Section has a website and twitter feed. Toronto Section also has a website and twitter feed. Montreal Section has a twitter feed.

Contact Us

Vancouver Section - General Mailbox
Vancouver Section - Chair
John P. Canal (Simon Fraser University)
Tel: 778-782-7661 / Email:


John P. Canal (Simon Fraser University)
Tel: 778-782-7661 / Email:
Tim Storr (Simon Fraser University)
Tel: 778-782-8657 / Email:
Education / National Chemistry Week
Kierstan McCaw (Southridge High School)
Tel: 604-535-5056 / Email:
Chemistry in Society Lectureship Coordinator
Danny Leznoff (Simon Fraser University)
Tel: 778-782-4887 / Email:
College Liasion
Hanifa Jalali (Douglas College)
Tel: 604-777-6216 / Email:
Industry Representatives
Adrian Wade (Ursa Technologies Ltd.)
Tel: 604-241-0190 / Email:
Madhvi Ramnial (PowerTech Labs.)
Tel: 604-590-6671 / Email:
Past Chair
Vance Williams (Simon Fraser University)
Tel: 778-782-8059 / Email:
Member at large
Pierre Kennepohl (University of British Columbia)
Tel: 604-822-1702 / Email:
University Liaison (SFU)
University Liaison (UBC)