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SFU Announces New Science Undergraduate Research Journal

The idea for an all-encompassing Science Undergraduate Research Journal came about at the end of the Fall 2014 semester, coinciding perfectly with the inception of SFU's Science Undergraduate Society (SUS), which now provides faculty level representation of science students’ interests at SFU. Since then, one of SUS’ main objectives has been the creation of such a journal, now dubbed SFU SURJ. This student journal will be comprised of an annual physical and digitally circulated journal accompanied by this website serving as a platform for more informal science news, interests articles, and impressive class papers.

The overarching goal of this journal is simple. Promote undergraduate research by providing young scientists exposure and recognition for their work while undergoing a peer review process. Ultimately, it hopes to foster a community of undergraduates who value research while engaging all students in science communication and education. SFU SURJ is meant to act as an educational tool for undergraduate authors and undergraduate editors who wish to gain some first hand experience in the knowledge making process that is scientific research.

Contact Us

For membership, information on upcoming events and other queries, please contact us c/o:

Vancouver Section - Chair
John P. Canal (Simon Fraser University)
Tel: 778-782-7661 / Email:

Crystals from our 2015 Competition

Annual Crystal Growing Competition

November 28, 2015, Vancouver: Every year the national office run the National Crystal Growing Competition (see link for details). At the local level we organize teachers/students to take part in the event, collect the crystals from our section and judge them.

Judging 2015 Crystals at The Crystalworks Gallery

We try to do the judging in a public space so the student and the public can come, watch, and learn more about growing crystals. In previous years we did the judging at Science World ( This year our judging event was at The Crystalworks Gallery (, on Nov. 28th. We would like to thank the Crystalworks Gallery for the use of their venue as well as their sponsorship of the prizes for our top crystal growers. The winning crystals were sent on to compete in the National Crystal Growing Competition (results).

Annual CIC Dinner

November 12, 2015, SFU: This year's annual CIC dinner meeting and awards night was held at the SFU Diamond Alumni Centre (SFU Burnaby Campus) on Nov. 12th. Congratulations to all our Student Awards winners and thank-you to all who came! This was a lovely dinner with friends and a talk by an engaging guest speaker! This year we were fortunate to have Mr. Kevin Meisner, from Britannia Mine Museum (, who discussed the history of the mine, the chemistry that occurred there and the efforts to clean up the mine site.

Gold in Quartz, Brittania Mine Museum


Congratulations to all our Student Award Winners!

Each year the Vancouver Section gives an award to the top 2nd year chemistry student attending a publicly funded post-secondary institution in our region with a 2nd year chemistry program.

We also give an award to the top 3rd year chemistry students attending SFU and UBC. This award is given in the fall and students are nominated by their schools.


The 2015 Student Awards were kindly sponsored by our friends at Powertech Labs (

2015 Top 2nd Year Students
BCIT Ambrose Chung
Capilano University Evgenii Kukoba
Douglas College Leea Stott
Kwantlen University Kaitlin McDougal
Langara College Thomas Zhang
SFU Sandeep Padam
Trinity Western University Matthew Kasteel
UBC Hudson Lynn
University of Northern BC -
University of Fraser Valley Miranda Danielle Louwerse
2015 Top 3rd Year Students
SFU Mathew Sutherland
UBC Samuel Aaron Leutheusser
2015 Awards Dinner Speaker
Kevin Meisner Britannia Mine Museum

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